Some Simple Reasons Why Kids Need To Be Taught About Good Touch And Bad Touch

Serious thought has gone into the reasoning power of educationists the world over where the need to teach kids about good touch and bad touch is mandatory.

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Here a few reasons why.

Danger Lurks Everywhere
Parasites are in every nook and cranny. While parents are expected to teach their little ones about the dangers of accepting a chocolate from a stranger, the school also ensures that they do their bit in this form of education. The idea is to keep children vigilant so that no dangerous elements take away their innocence. The method used cannot be too informative, as children can get scared. The idea is to sensitize the child so that s/he can confide in someone about anything that seems shady. Educators must also be on their toes to prevent an attack while children are in school.

Help from an Expert
Counseling must be made available to children in every class so that they have a kind person who can hear them out, should the need arise. At the kindergarten, children are taught about how to let down their guard with the pediatric counselor. By ensuring that the person is available to anyone during class, helps keep kids safe. Rape and gore have been on the frontlines of every journal, newspaper, and the internet. While it is wise to prevent children from knowing about the dirty aspects of these horrid crimes, letting them know through a movie or feature, helps them digest the fact not every adult is nice. It does take away the innocence of the child, but given the fact that perps are everywhere, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Safety Guards
Vigilance should not only be taught to children, even educators need to be taught a thing or two about ensuring that they keep their eyes open. If a child has been molested or been treated inappropriately, it is the duty of the people in charge to address the problem. A child will not know what has occurred. It is the responsibility of the elders to ensure that safety guides are in place so that no child is exposed to this terrible reality. Children also need to be taught that an overtly sweet person is not always their friend. Most people who end up with shade thrown at them are the labor class, but it could also be a higher up in the system who is a creep. By encouraging children to talk about their feelings both in and outside the classroom helps the school manage and deal with an awful situation.

Good touch and bad touch as a program must be taught to children in the early years as a preventive and safety measure.