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Education for social change

Global Change is a brand new education from MS ActionAid Denmark. The goal is ambitious: Social and political change on a global level through education of young people in communication, new media and innovative organising.

Global Change is our business – make it yours!

Global Change is a bi-annual 4 month education carried out from MS Global Platform Copenhagen, Denmark.

By participating in Global Change you will get inspiration, tools and concrete experience with carrying out large scale projects and campaigns. You will be trained to become either NewOrganizer or NewCommunicator.

Each course is based on a particular case. Autumn 2009-course deals with Climate Change and Climate Justice: the students will get the task to develop and carry out a large scale campaign on climate justice, brining the plight of the poor to the table of the COP15 summit in Copenhagen in December.

New Communicator

When trained as NewCommunicator you will learn to master new digital media and be able to work innovatively with communication and media as tools for creating social change.

* You will in particular work with webvideo and blogging, while building up your knowledge and understanding of what citizen media is and potentially can be developed to become in the coming years

* You will get hands-on experience with creating large scale media projects in collaboration with global partners

New Organizer

As NewOrganizer you will build up strong leadership skills by learning how to organize and facilitate social processes innovatively and reflexively while building up large scale campaigns and events based on participatory methods.

You will be trained in the following areas:

* Leadership (project management, volunteer leadership etc.)

* Campaigning development and implementation

* Facilitation of social processes (training, workshops, 24 hours camps, open space etc.)

Illustration of the tools trained in New Organizer and New Communicator

* Tools trained in Global Change – pdf-version

The Global Change education is academic in its level of abstraction and analysis – but concrete and action oriented in its approach. However, it’s not mandatory to have received any academic training as such.

Course description and curriculum

Course description including program outline can be downloaded here:

* Global Change – New Communicator

* Global Change – New Organizer

Practical information

Timing: The Global Change education is four month starting twice a year in September and February. Spring 2010 start February .

Course fee: the autumn 2009 course fee is 1760 Euros, including 1 month of fieldwork in Denmark. If you choose to do international fieldwork, including 1 month stay in South Africa, the price is 3430 Euros.

Unfortunately, we do not have any established system for south-based partner-representatives in 2010.

Location: Global Platform Copenhagen, Denmark.

Academic credit: if you are enrolled at a university, you might be able to transfer the academic credit points earned at Global Change to your existing studies. Global Change is set to give 20 ECTS for the 4 month course.

MS Training 4 Change is offering a number of other shorter courses covering the areas of leadership training, campaign and communication.