Interesting Playgroup Activities for Children

Kids love to play. They can be seen playing for hours with one toy, whereas the other moment they might just not like the same toy. Children are small and they need variety in their everyday routine. Thus, if you want your child to also enjoy traditional outdoor environment, then you have wide range of options to choose from in Singapore. Let’s enjoy some outside and indoor activities for toddlers and children. Read more about available playgroup programmes for children here.

Playgroup for Newborns to 4-year-old Children:

In case you want your little one to enjoy outdoor fun and activities, then some playgroup offers mixture of both. These centres are designed for newborn kids to 4 years of age. Playgroup timing for children are around 1 hour 30 minutes, in which one is able to enjoy indoor and outdoor plays. Every day is full of fun, music and learning.

Playgroup for Newborns to 18-month-old Children:

It is not easy to engage small kids, because they have low concentration towards toys and different activities. They want to enjoy new things, toys and fun activities after other hour. Playgroup activities for this age consists of music, movement, crafts and arts along with storytelling and circle time.

The activities are so distributed that each day children have different stuff to do without repeating the same. Parents can also enjoy tea time with snacks and watch their kids enjoying. This is so relaxing for parents.

Playgroup for 18-month-old to 3-year-old Children:

Exercise and gym is yet another fun time for kids. It helps in the development of motor skills and strengthening their muscles. Some 50 to 60 mins workout, like climbing, ropes, tunnels and ladders helps in their fitness as well. The level of excitement children feel after physical activities is of no match with any other activity.

Children and Parents having fun together:

It is special moment when parents get to see their child enjoying. Kids also feel confident and happy when they feel protected and accompanied by their parents. Such centres are for kids of age 6 months to 2.5 years. So without getting into separation anxiety, parents get a chance to be with their children. The session is 90 minutes long.

Playgroup for 6-month-old to 3-and-a-half-year-old Children:

If you want to keep your child close to nature and want them to explore, then let them play with sand and cook in kitchen. Some centres offer cooking sessions for kids including playing with water, managing small chores, music and body movements.

The number of children and teachers is so decided that teacher’s concentration towards every child is maximized and crowd is also minimized.  When independent, children feel empowered and enjoy their time in school.

Children want freedom because this is when they explore surrounding environment and move out of their comfort zones. Allow them some free time, space and liberty to socialize and study one another. These schools and playgrounds are so designed that children learn while playing and equip them better for school ambiance later on.