Importance of Playgroup for Kids

The most difficult time for any parent is when their kids get to the age of early schooling. That time is a test for both parents and a child. It is indeed not possible to send kids to schools and make them study without preparing them to a whole new environment.

The concept of playgroup is such that it allows children to interact with other kids of the same age and parents also get a chance to get along with changing development requirements of their kids. Even in playgroup, there are some formal class sessions and certain informal classes.

Children develop their social interaction skills, overall health is improved, get a chance to share knowledge among one another and enhance learning. In a nutshell, playgroup is a gateway towards formal school systems.

Enhance social skills

Children get a chance to interact and practice socially in build skills when interacting with other children in the safe and secure environment of playgroup. Similarly, it’s a chance for parents as well in building strong bonds with their kids and understand what their social needs are while they grow up.

As far as activities are concerned, these could be just kids coming together and play, some unstructured activities and other some structured ones like art and craft, mind puzzles, body movements, music etc. Sometimes children of different age groups are also made to sit together and interact so they get to know one another.

It’s all about setting Goals and Rules

School is all about discipline and rules. Sometimes you need to set everyday goals as well and check at the end of the day if the set goals have been achieved or not. Playgroup is also about understanding rules. For instance, morning prayer time, break time, snack time, meet up; everything in playgroup is systematic and as per schedule.

Children are given small tasks in playgroup, like putting all toys and belonging back before leaving. Sense of accomplishment is achieved at the end of the day.

Time to equip emotionally

It is hard for children to leave their comfort zone of home and move to unknown location. Above all leaving parents, siblings and interacting with strangers is not easy at all. In playgroup routine, kids get a chance to stable them emotionally. They gain confidence and build the sense of trust in themselves with others.

When with other people, kids learn and share experiences of dealing with everyday chores, managing different things, handling matters and strengthening their bonding with others.

Let’s get Physical

At home, children may not get a chance to play openly. But in an interactive children playgroup, they are free to experience everything openly with no constraints. They can run around, jump, and play with dough. It’s the chance they are free to exercise what they like and be creative. Apart from indoor, there are lots of outdoor activities, which they can easily do.

Playgroup is like a home, with no limitations. Children have an opportunity to interact with other kids and learn social skills. Apart from this, they are free to exercise freedom to the max. Also participation in physical activities means strengthening their muscles and mental capabilities.