How to Keep Your Vulnerable Kids Safe All the Time

How to Keep Your Vulnerable Kids Safe All the Time

Though all parents should always ensure that their kids remain in a safe and trouble-free environment, parents of vulnerable kids have a special responsibility. They need to be more cautious than other parents and remember that even the littlest things can harm their kids. If you are also a parent of a kid with vulnerabilities, you should keep scrolling to know how to keep your kid safe and healthy at all times.  

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Preventing Food Allergies

If you are a parent or guardian of a kid who is vulnerable because he or she has a food allergy, then it’s your responsibility to let other adults who take care of the kid know of the same. You may get an idea of how you need to do it by reading this piece by

As a parent, you need to make your child’s teacher and school administrators aware of any food allergies. You may be required to provide an emergency treatment to the school nurse, such as an EpiPen. Children with severe allergies may want to wear a medical ID bracelet… Read More

Medical allergies often lead to serious consequences for the kids. So, it is smart to ensure that every adult who is in-charge of the kid knows how to keep the kid safe and what to do if an allergy is triggered accidentally. Though your kid might not like that all his/her friends know of his problem or may feel embarrassed by it, you should do it anyway and try to convince the kid that if he or she is different, it’s not his/her fault.

If you forget this step, you may never be able to forgive yourself when your kid eats or drinks something that triggers a medical issue. So, it is always smart to remember that prevention is better than cure and take steps before it’s too late.

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Avoiding Dust Allergies

In cases where your kid is vulnerable to dust, i.e., he or she suffers from respiratory or skin issues, you might want to ensure that every environment he or she becomes a part of remains safe and ultraclean. You can even request his school administrators to take extra precautions like the one mentioned here by Lauren Elrick.

Although most of us know that we should clean the materials in our classrooms, what we don’t consider is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, says Cheryl Hatch, an ECE professional at Mothers of Preschoolers. She explains that cleaning wipes away dirt and debris while sanitizing actually decreases the number of germs on a surface… Read More

Many schools don’t take cleanliness and hygiene as seriously as they should which can lead to several health issues in kids. So, it might be a smart idea to visit a pre-school or school classroom yourself before the admission to ensure that your kid remains in a clean, disinfected and sanitized environment. All kids, whether they have a dust allergy or not deserve to remain in a clean environment and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they do.

Teach the Kid How to Behave Outside the Home

Every parent, be it a parent of a healthy child or a vulnerable one should teach his or her kids about how to prevent injuries and accidents when not at home. It includes everything from teaching the kid not to wander too far alone or always crossing the road with caution. This piece by healthychildren may act as your guide on how to teach road safety rules to your kids.

Your child is in danger of being hit by a car if he or she darts out into the street while playing. Take your child to the playground or park to play. Show your child the curb and teach him or her to always stop at the curb and never cross the street without a grown-up… Read More

When you give your kid real life examples of how to avoid accidents by being smart, it will ensure your kid learns in an expedient manner. Teaching basics like how to cross a road and how to behave when in the car so as not to distract the driver is your responsibility. Don’t just expect the schools to teach everything to the kids. You need to take the initiative as much as possible to ensure your kids remain safe at all times in and outside the home.

If you take such little precautions and ensure your kids know the basic safety rules, it would keep your kids safe even when you are not around to take care of them.


In essence, it can be said that if you are a parent of a vulnerable child who suffers from an allergy or a medical condition, you need to let other caregivers know of it so that they can take better care of your child. As a parent, it’s also your duty to protect your kid from all dangers even when you are not around by teaching your kid some basic safety rules that he or she needs to remember for life.