Do You Need to Send Your Child to a Pre-School or Kindergarten?

In today’s world of innovation where parents spend most of their time at work or in business operation, children are left behind with a foster care. They are even perplexed whether to send their three-year-old or below to a preschool or kindergarten. This, certainly, is a difficult choice not just for the parents but so with their child.

If you are looking for a kindergarten to send your child to, do consider Chiltern House Kindergarten School. Their curriculum includes linguistic focused activities, mathematics, and science. These are carefully curated to prepare your child for primary school, their next phase of education. As you know primary school can be competitive in Singapore, so if you want the best for your child you should consider Chiltern House. View more at their website here:

If you are keen to send your child to a quality preschool, do check out this Chiltern House Review for an honest review of the school.

Actualyse features the preschools and kindergartens in Singapore. They discuss how childcare in Singapore is made affordable. The curriculum and teaching methodologies of these child care providers are also noted.

Infant Care & Preschool

“The experiences your child gain during the early years are critical. A rich experience with the right learning stimuli also form the foundation of his or her future cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical development, helping your child reach the developmental milestones.

Formed in 2013, ECDA raises the quality of preschool education in Singapore. Preschools like infant care, nurseries, kindergartens and child care centres in Singapore are governed by ECDA.

There are infant care centres in Singapore that provide infant care services for infants and toddlers between 2 to 18 months old.” Read more here.


Guide to Choosing the Finest Kindergarten in Singapore

While there are many kindergartens with varying child care offerings, you need to select the finest of them all. Felicia from Preschool SG offers tips on selecting the finest kindergarten in Singapore. Among the factors to consider mentioned in the article include the curriculum or education program, self-appraisal, certification, safety, population, certification, and the teacher qualifications of the kindergarten.

“When it comes to choosing the finest kindergarten in Singapore, it is important to look for one that offers a balanced and enriching curriculum appropriate for your child’s needs. For instance, there should be ample activities that would develop your little one’s skills including reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking and listening. Once your child enters kindergarten, he or she will be exposed to about 3 to 4 hours of structured learning, five days a week. Depending on your choice of school, the activities provided to kindergarten students vary since international and local school systems have their distinct characteristics.

Local and International School Systems

A local school in Singapore is operated by social or religious organizations, private businesses, or the community. For preschool, there is a 3-year education program offered to students, and this is applicable to children between 3 and 6 years old. Among the subjects and skills introduced include basic math and science, problem solving skills, literacy and language and creative skills. Music appreciation is also presented to learners, and this subject is taught through exciting activities that children enjoy. Furthermore, the language used in teaching is English, but there are options to take classes in Tamil, Mandarin or Malay.” Read more here.

One of the more reputable preschools in Singapore is Chiltern House Preschool, and they are known for their excellent curriculum of preparing your child for primary school, growing him/her with their engaging activities, and their ample facilities for your child. You should consider them if you want to give your child that early advantage in life.

The world’s largest pre-school just opened in Singapore but sending your child there could cost $21,000 a year

Next, Joey Lee from Business Insider SG writes on the new Early Learning Village, the largest preschool worldwide and located in Singapore.

Said to be a “first-of-its-kind Reggio Emilia-inspired pre-school”, the mega-campus takes up a space equivalent to seven football fields, and is open to all nationalities, including Singaporeans, said a report by The Business Times.

As every parent can attest to, education is not something to take lightly when it comes to the future success of their child.

Learning starts at an early age, so even pre-schools these days are upping their game in order to stand out in Singapore’s increasingly competitive education scene.

That seems to be the case, especially with yesterday (Aug 30) marking the official opening of the world’s largest pre-school for children aged 18 months to six years.” Read more here.

After the readings you have here, can you honestly say your child is in dire need of a kindergarten? It should be a strong ‘yes’. As to which kindergarten to send him/her to, the benefits are already presented so do evaluate them according to your priorities, and foster their development starting from now.