Are You Raising a Confident Preschooler?

The world today has changed to a great extent. We can be fed news 24 hours all the time and Google allows us to be detectives. All the answers that we can ever need are at our fingertips. In the middle of all of this information and sometimes even misinformation new parents are usually left confused and fearful.

As a result, parents tend to hold onto their kid’s way tighter than they should and enroll them in various different classes with the hope that they manage to find themselves a prosperous path through life.

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While all of this might be done unintentionally and the parents only ever have the best interest of the child. But wrapping the child up and trying to keep them safe from every single thing is not the right answer. This is why the hip new term helicopter parenting was coined. You have to allow your child to explore the world around them. Failing to do this can result in more harm than good.

Latest research

Latest research shows that parents should stop hovering so close to their child all the time and give their child a little space. They should also allow their child to fail a few times, not just once in a while. It was found that parents who help the reigns too tight had children who would often suffer from mental disorders such as lower self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Our perception of good parenting

Most of the time it was believed that those parents whose kids walked around with bruises or bumps were bad parents. However, that is no longer true. There is so much information out there that the parents don’t often know what to do so they revert to what comes naturally and try and keep their child safe at all times. The perception of safety is also distorted as most often it is associated with what is shown by the media.

Changing views

It is time that everyone changes their views about what is right and wrong parenting. Allow your child a little more independence. Stop helping them when they can do things on their own. Even when you see them struggling it is time you ask them questions like “Do you need help?” or “Do you want help?” before you offer the help to them.
This will make the child more confident in their abilities and less reliant on you for everything.To know more about preschool education in Singapore, get in touch with the experts today.