What Can A Playgroup Provide That You Can’t At Home

What Can A Playgroup Provide That You Can’t At Home?

Enrolling your child when they turn three into a playgroup offers numerous benefits which they lose out on when they�re at home. Activities designed by playgroups are more educational than regular play dates. Leaving your child at a playgroup is the first big step in the transition from home to formal schooling.

Attending a playgroup in Singapore is the first milestone in your child’s educational journey.

What can a playgroup provide that you can�t at home?

Children love variety and get bored easily when they�re made to repeat the same activities. Keeping the child entertained at home for long periods is impossible given the limitation of space and participants. On the other hand, in a playgroup, there are other children of the same or similar age group who�re given a common activity to complete. Learning material options are also wider at a playgroup. Apart from the space restraints, here is what a play group provides which home learning doesn�t:
� Social skill development: Children are more social than adults because they haven�t learnt to be reserved, yet. When they�re at home, the only interaction they have is with their parents and other relatives. Interaction with non-family members is limited. When a child participates in a playgroup, they automatically learn social skills. They are constantly interacting with other children. Character building traits like generosity and sympathy begins at a playgroup. Here, children develop social skills at their own pace.
� Active physical activity: All playgroups in Singapore encourage active playtime. Physical activity is extended into fun activities like singing, twirling, dancing, jumping, running and more. Children who�re a part of playgroups are more active and are acclimatized to playing outdoors.
� Role play and learning: Children look into the world with an untainted view. They�re inexperienced with the understanding of worldly behavior we acquire as adults. Simple daily activities like interacting with a vendor can be played out during role play. Playgroups are one of the most effective methods of expanding the child�s perception of the world.
� Confidence booster: As compared to adults, children are more confident. Children are confident around the people they know like family and friends. They quieten when they�re put in an unfamiliar situation. Two things can happen: either they hide behind you and start wailing or smile and make a conversation. To have your child do the latter, a playgroup helps. Here, the child makes new friends who they wouldn�t meet otherwise. Children from different ethnicities and cultures come together under one roof.

Playgroups help to accelerate your child’s growth in ways that cannot happen if you leave them at home with a parent or nanny. You should send your child to a playgroup today if you want them to be faster learners than their peers.