Benefits Of Learning To Play Violin


There is no doubt in the fact that music enriches our life. It provides a sense of fulfillment that can rarely be matched by anything else. Music heals life. Isn’t that what people say? There must be some truth in the statement. The beauty of music can be enjoyed by a very few, but that doesn’t mean that everybody can’t enjoy it. Playing an instrument is a similar kind of experience. When you play a particular musical instrument you have the power to mold the music the way you want and that’s a power worth celebrating. An instrument like violin gives you that power and it will surprise you, when you learn that playing a violin also comes with its health advantages. Yes, violin lessons in Singapore it can be beneficial to your health as well. If you do
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Violin can be a fruitful distraction
When you are studying or engrossed in work, you need some credible distraction. Everyone knows that studying and working can be stressful, so these distractions are welcomed as they reduce the stress and help you to relax. Taking up a co-curricular activity like playing violin helps you in achieving exactly that. It helps to reduce stress and boosts your concentration as well. Adapt to it to improve your productiveness in the workplace.

A Way For Emotional Outlet
Strong emotions are unhealthy to harbor within you. Being angry, sad and ecstatic all at the same time, are a natural phenomenon of the adolescent years. What you need is a way to vent these emotions. Playing violin will help you do that. Angry at somebody? Play your violin. Went through a breakup? Play the violin. Lost somebody? Play your violin. It is therapeutic in its way and a perfect catharsis for your troubled days. It will help you to release all those bottled up feelings through your music.

Improves Your Coordination Skills
It is the perfect way to train and improve the coordination skills of your upper body which includes the arms, hands and the fingers. You hand needs to hold up the violin, while your fingers presses the strings in order to hit the perfect note, while your other hand controls the bow, pressing in modulation to bring out the right sound. Ah, what a marvel of engineering it is! It is stunning to see, what some strings, wooden box, horse’s hair and a person can do.

Works On The Agility Of The Fingers
When your fingers move over the strings of the violin to produce the right note, it promotes the movement of your fingers and ultimately improves the agility of your fingers. Learning violin thus improves the movements and the power of your fingers, making them more flexible and hence improves your typing skills as well.

Promotes Your Perseverance
Perseverance is the key to success. As long as you stick to something and work hard in the process, you will achieve it. Violin teaches you that. It is certainly one of the toughest instruments to learn. But one you learn playing it, you can achieve almost anything, for you have got in yourself the perseverance to succeed.

Improves Brain Development & Mental Health
When you play a violin, you train your ‘muscle memory’. This is the memory that helps to put your finger on the right place and produce the right note. It also helps you to keep in mind on how much pressure you need to apply on the bow.

Thus, taking all of these into consideration, you can deduce that apart form the obvious benefit of the power of music while playing violin, it also comes with these fantastic health benefits as well.

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